In order to understand the guidelines it is first vital that we share the purpose of our outward facing Wake LP Facebook page. This page is a public relations page, primarily designed to attract new followers, and encourage real world interaction with the party apparatus. Specifically, though self examination is vital, the forum is not intended to highlight our sometimes contentious or potentially controversial positions to those looking for a new political home.

When posting:

  1. Post events that are sponsored by the State LP, Wake LP, or other approved LP affiliates.
  2. Post events related to community events or state and local government that go to the core message of libertarian principles.
  3. For news events, be sure that the article emphasize the failure of government, crony corporations, and natural rights violations. Controversy can be good for us.
  4. If a Wake LP member would like to post a self authored article or has an article published in various media forums, advise the communications group that they should review the article for content. Upon approval, the communications group will aid in posting the article or reference thereto.
  5. When you are uncertain if the posting will improve public relations, seek advise from the communications group for posts that you consider borderline

When commenting as an administrator or editor:

  1. As part of a reply, always direct readers to join our weekly meetings and other events. Personal contact will drive new membership and greater activity.
  2. When posting an event NOT sponsored by the party, be certain to include a, “While not sponsored by…” comment, and that times and locations are clearly identified.
  3. Be sure that your comment is written as an embodiment of the party and not in language identifying you as an individual. Hopefully this will help you to remember that we represent the future of the Libertarian Party.
  4. Cut off unproductive dialogue. We are a political party that people join by free will, not entirely democratic.
  5. Be positive, positive, positive.

What not to do:

  1. Don’t be scared of new divergent voices. There IS a true Scotsman (Libertarian). We need to embrace the new members and encourage their attendance to avoid the internet trolling trap.
  2. Don’t show off your awesome political science, philosophy, or economics degree. It’s like the newspaper. Folks need a simple and direct message.
  3. Don’t use tropes and hackneyed phrases like, all lives matter, Don’t tread on me, or muh roads. We are professional volunteers and we need to be thought of as folks bringing new ideas.
  4. Don’t point out bad libertarians.
  5. Referencing the impetus of this guide, it is not a place for self reflection so please leave the sausage making for other venues such as your personal web page, blog, or Reason magazine.